Premier League Predictions Game: Week Eight

So the standings after week Seven are

Ian - 51pts

Marc – 42pts

The Hat – 33pts

The rules are simple, for each round of Premier League fixtures myself, Ian, and The Hat (the hat is pure chance, the results and scores for each game will be drawn out of a hat to see if chance can beat us) will guess the result and score, with 3pts being awarded for the correct outcome with the correct score and 1pt being awarded for just getting the right outcome. 

There will be prizes and there will be forfeits at the end of the season, but we've not decided on what they maybe. So here goes week eight!

Ian’s Predictions

Chelsea v Leicester 2-1
Arsenal v Swansea 2-2
Bournemouth v Hull 2-0
Man City v Everton 3-3
Stoke v Sunderland 1-2
West Brom v Spurs 0-2
Crystal Palace v West Ham 1-0
Middlesbrough v Watford 1-3
Southampton v Burnley 2-0
Liverpool v Man Utd 2-2

Marc’s Predictions

Chelsea v Leicester 3-1
Arsenal v Swansea 2-0
Bournemouth v Hull 2-2
Man City v Everton 3-1
Stoke v Sunderland 0-0
West Brom v Spurs 0-3
Crystal Palace v West Ham 1-1
Middlesbrough v Watford 2-0
Southampton v Burnley 2-0
Liverpool v Man Utd 1-1

The Hat Predictions

Chelsea v Leicester 3-0
Arsenal v Swansea 2-4
Bournemouth v Hull 0-0
Man City v Everton 1-3
Stoke v Sunderland 2-2
West Brom v Spurs 1-5
Crystal Palace v West Ham 4-0
Middlesbrough v Watford 1-1
Southampton v Burnley 2-3
Liverpool v Man Utd 1-0

That's this week’s predictions locked in and let the fun begin.